Talk about one mysterious band! Suicide and masked identities. One never ceases to be amazed, these days. But on the other hand we humans are in need of mysteries to enrich our lives. The question is whether or not The Way Of Purity and more specifically “Biteback” can be flagged as those more relevant mysteries? This is, to my knowledge, my first acquaintance with this group and likely also my last, cause this piece of music is not impressive. You’ll see what I mean.

The first tune “Keep Dreaming” opens up in an intense manner. The song itself almost feels like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between brutal and catchy parts. I really appreciate the dynamics that The Way Of Purity obviously can summon forth by utilizing female vocals and keyboards, but I would’ve prefered some memorable parts as well. Creativity and quality should go hand in hand. The music is somewhat of a mixture of furious death metal and a slice of melodeath, at times bringing about a feeling of metalcore. A mix that sounds decent to me – absolutely nothing more. The remaining tunes “Eternal Damnation To RenĂ© Descartes” and “Reverse The Time” are basically more of the same; some catchiness there and some heavyness there. Decent music, all in all, but nothing that transcends time and space.

The cover artwork is very appropriate for this type of music but the core of the release left me with very limited impressions. However, just because it didn’t appeal to me doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be of interest to you. The choice is yours.

Peter Eliasson

01. Keep Dreaming
02. Eternal Damnation To René Descartes
03. Reverse The Time

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