Just read the band name and look at the cover artwork, people. This can hardly be mistaken for anything else than metal, right? The real question is rather if this is qualitive metal or lesser good metal? Let me get back to you on that.

The first track “Bound At Birth” is peculiar. It starts out in a heavy terrain and about two minutes into the song it changes character before ending abruptly. Unusual and not something that I appreciate very much – to put it mildly – but at the same time it showcases some good dynamics. “I Am Ghost” follows in pretty much the same fashion as the rest of the release. The music is a modern take on death metal with a bit of technicality thrown in for good measure, not completely unlike Soilwork to some extent. The song itself is nothing out of the ordinarily, however. Last track is called “Cracks In The Hourglass” and it makes me kind of bored. The clean vocals appearing are definitely of lesser value than they should have been, if done properly. That aside, some potential is still present beneath the averageness. Confusing.

To say that listening to Trigger Made Solution’s “Bound At Birth” is like experiencing a metal storm is stretching the truth pretty damn far. From what I’ve gather, this band has a few cool ideas here and there, but they need to get a serious grip on the essence of what they’re trying to create. Only then can I predict a bright future for these guys.

My conclusion after listening to this demo is that no ferocious beast resides here within.

Peter Eliasson

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