Just by looking at the band name (and the cover artwork) one can easily get a somewhat clear picture of what to expect from this release. Yes, that’s right. Five tracks with strong ties to power metal and hard rock in general are being served to us by this Swedish band in the form of “Last Journey”.

After a somewhat stereotypical intro entitled “Prelude” (not much imagination there…) the first real track enters with some discreet keyboard playing and of course – heavy riffing. The production here is pretty solid but the most notable thing about “Sea Of Betrayal” is the strong vocal performance. It’s also evident right from the start that the chorus of the song is its strongest asset, although the lyrics at times feel less brilliant. I guess we’ll have to live with that.

“End Of Forever” is up next and it takes on a slightly different shape with its heavy feel. Once again the vocal expression succeeds in snatching my attention. The song itself is not bad at all, but probably not something that I will remember for years to come. Track four, “Alone”, has a dreamlike and colorful opening which sweeps across the room. The remainder of the song isn’t as great, resulting in a disappointment. Kind of expected something stronger, you know.

The final piece of music is called “Last Journey” and it feels like Majestic Dimension’s way of giving us everything it has to offer, mainly due to the lengthy playing time. I can definitely spot that these guys radiate some potential but they’re not reaching all the way through, yet. I should add that it takes quite a lot to impress me, these days.

“Last Journey” is musically good and equally powerful from time to time, but I can hardly see this making any greater impact on the scene. The guys in Majestic Dimension are looking at a long journey if they have the intention of conquering the throne.

Peter Eliasson

01. Prelude
02. Sea Of Betrayal
03. End Of Forever
04. Alone
05. Last Journey

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