Knowing your limitations in life is one hell of an important lesson to learn. Things might go downhill fast otherwise, unless you gain this valuable experience. This is something that can be applied to Human Sculpture and their first release “Our World/Torn Down” in particular. They are aware of their current limitations.

This band from Finland is – truth to be told – just another band that I stumbled upon when I was surfing the web. Giving them a chance felt like the right thing to do – I mean, what exactly did I have to lose? Human Sculpture is a quite newly-formed band with this being their first offering to the world.

We’re talking about three tracks, and those three songs have quite a lot in common with modern death metal. We all know what that means by now, heavy riffs, screamy vocals and steadfast drumming. From time to time they rely on some cool melodies to do the talking, but we’re mostly dealing with death metal of the modern kind. They’re aren’t exactly aiming for breaking any new boundaries. If that was the goal, they failed completely.

The songs are partly good and partly boring, with the first one called “Deconstruction” being my favourite. No matter how you view things, the production is definitely good, but on the other hand – getting a qualitative production these days isn’t exactly the hardest of tasks. These guys are young (judging from the promo photos) and the way I see it, they’re only in the beginning of their career. “Our World/Torn Down” is a decent first try from Human Sculpture. That I don’t deny.

Like I implied in the beginning, these guys deserve some credit for keeping things non-boring. Three songs with a total playing time of under 16 minutes isn’t exactly destined to bore the listener to death.

Peter Eliasson

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