One of my main theories in life is that one shouldn’t complicate things more than necessary. This is something that Danish metal act Defecto most likely agree with me on wholeheartedly. Despite mixing rock and metal with progressive enhancements, these guys manages to make the entire soundscape sound natural and genuine. Not complicated at all and actually quite enjoyable.

The press release is pretty sparse with information regarding the background of the individual band members, but on the other hand – just listen to the damn recording. It stands clear directly from start that we aren’t exactly dealing with amateur musicians here. The songs often prove to have a powerful drive and smooth vocal lines. The fact that vocalist Nicklas Sonne lacks some character is somewhat negative but this is compensated by strong guitar work.

The six songs on this EP are pretty varied but at the same time not that hard to get a solid grip on. The songs lose focus from time to time though, meaning that the songwriting isn’t top-notch. Yet. Improvements in aforementioned area will hopefully be noticeable already on their next offering. I mean, the style is good as it is. Retain the sound and just forge even stronger tunes, is my humble advice to this Danish band.

My favourite tracks? “Excluded”, “Desperate Addict” and “Out Of The Day”. The first one is heavy yet relaxed with a soft chorus. The second one is straight-forward and leaves little to be desired. The latter one induces a feeling of mainstream, sort of, but at the same time the progressiveness is clearly heard. They’re balancing on the line and they’re actually pulling it off. To repeat what I implied in the beginning of the review: things never get too complicated.

Not bad at all, is my final judgement. Refreshing with a (slight) personal touch. The production is very good as well. With a real hit song present on their forthcoming full-length album they might be able to make it into the charts.

Peter Eliasson

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