I Am I - Event Horizon This is an example as good as any that we’re basically running out of fine band names in metal. I Am I? Seriously? I’m not impressed but we’ll leave that for now. This release will be known for marking the return of former DragonForce vocalist ZP Theart to the metal scene since his departure from aforementioned band in 2010. The music? Power metal, of course. Who would’ve expected otherwise?

The opener “This Is My Life” is not bad but fails to live up to any form of expectations. It contains a small amount of catchiness but in the end it’s not enough, considering the competition on the market of today. “Silent Genocide” on the other hand has a few qualities worth mentioning. Attractive lead guitar work entwined with some brooding verses and on top of that – a catchy and somewhat memorable chorus. Probably the strongest song on the entire album which honestly doesn’t say that much. From a critical standpoint, one could definitely argue that there is absolutely no originality hidden within these tunes. Everything is done according to the book. The songs are a slight tad longer than usually, though. Power metal with some slight decorations of hard rock is never wrong but I’m not impressed by average material these days.

From my point of view, all DragonForce releases are stronger than this one in terms of songwriting, creativity and vocals. Add to this that I’m no major DragonForce fan and the picture should be pretty clear of how high I rank “Event Horizon”. You’re absolutely right – I don’t think very highly of it but I don’t dislike it either. Vocally speaking, ZP Theart is now travelling more restricted domains than we’re used to finding him in. It’s like he’s put strains on himself. I can live with that, but there’s no denying that he played a pretty large role in the impact of you-know-what band with his soaring vocals. This approach suits this type of music better, but I still miss some high-pitched singing.

With some mediocrity here and there (band name, cover artwork) in combination with ten songs that just doesn’t provide any greater impressions, I Am I is not destined for glory.

Peter Eliasson


01. This Is My Life
02. Silent Genocide
03. Stay A While
04. Cross The Line
05. In The Air Tonight
06. King In Ruins
07. Kiss Of Judas
08. Dust 2 Dust
09. Wasted Wonders
10. Pave The Way

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