Carpathian Forest, one of the most well-known black metal legions of Norway is with this release presenting a pretty mediocre piece of plastic.

The opener “Skjend Hans Lik” is – as you probably already have guessed – taken from 2003′s multi-platinum selling (just kidding!) album “Defending The Throne Of Evil”. Here we get the chance to hear it in an alternative mix and I must say that I’m impressed. The vocals are extremely well-performed, the drumming is of interesting nature and thanks to the keyboard the song has gotten even more personality. Unfortunately I don’t think it will stay in my mind for such a long time due to absence of strong riffs. The second song is called “Humiliation Chant” and it’s the only one on this release that hasn’t seen the light of day (or maybe the dark of night?) before. The piano and the scary voices together with some effects creates a very creepy atmosphere. I can’t see why they didn’t use this one as an intro cause it really serves its purpose! Without wasting more time figuring out why let’s jump to the next track. “Spill The Blood Of The Lamb” is up next and this version is a pre-production from the song that originally appeared on the above mentioned album “Defending The Throne Of Evil”. This song also marks where my interest for this release drops. “Martyr / Sacrificulum” (originally appeared on 2000′s “Strange Old Brew”) is the fourth track played live and to tell the truth; it’s fairly uninteresting. Sure, great musicianship by frontman Nattefrost and his troopers, but the song is still quite boring – in my opinion. The last five songs here (“Through The Black Veil Of The Burgo Pass”, “Bloodlust And Perversion”, “Return Of The Freezing Winds”, “The Woods Of Wallachia” and “Wings Over The Mountain Of Sighisoara”) are all taken from Carpathian Forest’s first demo – “Bloodlust And Perversion” that was released in 1992. The title of that demo is quite cool, but unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about the songs. Aside from the not-so-impressive vocals, the variation presented here is pretty much non-existing. Besides that – the music is slow and boring. Boring and slow. No, this demo just isn’t good but I have to admit that the last track “Wings Over The Mountain Of Sighisoara” is a quite decent intrumental outro.

There isn’t enough interesting material on “Skjend Hans Lik” to justify a release of this kind – sad but true. However, I’m more than sure that real fans of Carpathian Forest is still going to invest in this release.

Peter Eliasson

01. Skjend Hans Lik
02. Humiliation Chant
03. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb
04. Martyr / Sacrificulum
05. Through The Black Veil Of The Burgo Pass
06. Bloodlust And Perversion
07. Return Of The Freezing Winds
08. The Woods Of Wallachia
09. Wings Over The Mountain Of Sighisoara

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