I Am I

This is an example as good as any that we’re basically running out of fine band names in metal. I Am I? Seriously? I’m not impressed but we’ll leave that for now. This release will be known for marking the return of former DragonForce vocalist ZP Theart to the metal scene since his departure from  [ Read More ]

(Review originally published in 2007) Ghost Machinery began its journey in 2002 when Pete Ahonen of Burning Point decided to form a new band since he had come up with a few songs that didn’t fit into the Burning Point vein which he didn’t feel like throwing away. He called two of his old friends  [ Read More ]

Talk about one mysterious band! Suicide and masked identities. One never ceases to be amazed, these days. But on the other hand we humans are in need of mysteries to enrich our lives. The question is whether or not The Way Of Purity and more specifically “Biteback” can be flagged as those more relevant mysteries?  [ Read More ]

Just by looking at the band name (and the cover artwork) one can easily get a somewhat clear picture of what to expect from this release. Yes, that’s right. Five tracks with strong ties to power metal and hard rock in general are being served to us by this Swedish band in the form of  [ Read More ]

Just read the band name and look at the cover artwork, people. This can hardly be mistaken for anything else than metal, right? The real question is rather if this is qualitive metal or lesser good metal? Let me get back to you on that. The first track “Bound At Birth” is peculiar. It starts  [ Read More ]

Carpathian Forest, one of the most well-known black metal legions of Norway is with this release presenting a pretty mediocre piece of plastic. The opener “Skjend Hans Lik” is – as you probably already have guessed – taken from 2003′s multi-platinum selling (just kidding!) album “Defending The Throne Of Evil”. Here we get the chance  [ Read More ]

One of my main theories in life is that one shouldn’t complicate things more than necessary. This is something that Danish metal act Defecto most likely agree with me on wholeheartedly. Despite mixing rock and metal with progressive enhancements, these guys manages to make the entire soundscape sound natural and genuine. Not complicated at all  [ Read More ]

Knowing your limitations in life is one hell of an important lesson to learn. Things might go downhill fast otherwise, unless you gain this valuable experience. This is something that can be applied to Human Sculpture and their first release “Our World/Torn Down” in particular. They are aware of their current limitations. This band from  [ Read More ]

Upon first listening to this album, I thought I would be in for another ride around the death metal cliché’ world. Upon listening a few more minutes, I found I was quite mistaken, and found to my pleasure that this was definitely not the case, I found something inspiring, inventive, and rebellious. Ok, so the  [ Read More ]

Silliest album cover of 2006? Maybe, but there’s a good reason for it. You see, the German metal machine kind of caught everyone by surprise with this release, by abandoning some of its much associated power metal sound in favour of a more hard rock-oriented feel. The ending result turned out to be an album  [ Read More ]

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